Digital Marketing Voucher


Funding was obtained for Operation Digital Marketing Voucher.

The investment in the implementation of the website and online store is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenija and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

We allocated the funds to the establishment of Digital Marketing - creation of a new online store (including mobile adaptation) and testing of the website from a tehnical and UX/UI point of view.

Successful candidacy at the Publi tender with the operation Digital transformation of the company Vučko, d.o.o.:

Name of operation

VUČKO d.o.o. is with the operation Digital transformation of the company VUČKO d.o.o. successfully applied to:

To the public tender P4D ReactEU.


Description of the operation

The operation includes a comprehensive digital transformation of the company in the following areas: improved user experience

Customer experience, establishment  of a digital platform for the intergration of the user support process,

establishment of a central data store, establishment of data backup, upgrade of the ERP system,

optimization and digitization of processes, introduction of digital business models and services, improved digital

competence of employees, implementation of measures to strengthen the company's cyber security, introduction of digital

jobs, avtomation of embroidery machine, digital twin of production

Goals of the operation

The goals are:

• Digital transformation of the company in the areas of

    •Customer experience,

    • Date strategies,

    • Processes and digital solutions,

    • Digital business models,

    • Development of digital personnal and jobs

    • Cyber security,

    • Industry 4.0.

• Inttroduction of enery - and material-efficient processes and products.

• Increase in added value per employee.


Results of the operation:

The company successfully carried out a digital transformation that improved employee competencies, 

Incresed added value per empployee, optimized busines and production processes,

Introduced a higher level of paperless operations and started doing business and comunicating through digital marketing cgannels.

It introduced Industry 4.0. functionalities into prod

integrated the trend of the digital dimension into its overall operation and improved the company's basic and energy operations.


The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Funf for Regional Developement.