Sobni copati za vselitveno darilo

Ustvari uporabno vselitveno darilo

Moving  into a new house or apartment is an important milestone in the life of an individual, a young couple or a family. On such an important moment, we want to give  a gift  that will highlight their new chapter and provide them with comfort and warmth in their home. Why not consider unique slippers as an ideal housewarming gift? Practical and beautiful. These slippers will surely be in everyday use.

Start designing

Making unique slippers for for an original and useful housewarming gift

  1. Choose your style: When creating unique slippers, you have complete freedom to choose the style. You can choose from different materials, colours and patterns and adapt them to the taste of the recipient.
  2. Personalised message: Add a personal touch by adding a message or the names or family saying to the slippers. This will make te gift even more special.

Comfort and style in new home

Unique house slippers are a practical  and emotional gift that will help a young couple or family  feel comfortable and welcome in their new home. The slippers will provide a warm and soft feeling as they step around their new home.

Joy upon moving in

Unique slippers are a gift that will provide warmth and comfort to a young couple or family in their new home. It is a symbol of their beginning together and a friendly message of welcome that will accompany them through their new life chapter.