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Create the perfect gift for any occasion.

Design house slippers with a print according to your wishes! Prepare a unique gift that will certainly not collect dust.


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Terms and ideas for making slippers in the Creator ↓

Payment and timeo of making customised slippers from the Creator

You can only order slippers from The Creator by prepaying the order with a credut card, Paypal or by paying on a pro form a invoice.

The approximste deadline for the production of slippers from The Creator is 10 working days from the receipt of payment for the order. The delivery time depends on the number of slippers ordered from The Creator and the selected delivery service.

Design sneakers that will attract looks! Come to our creative playground. where a wide range of colors, morifs and a large measure of creative freedom awaits you. See creation ideas HERE.

Our interactive online platform allows you to choose the colours of the materials yourself, add any incriptions, include motifs and choose the right size of slippers. With complete designfreedom you can express your creativity, add funny quotes, name and many motifs. In addition, you also have a wide selection of colours at your disposal, so you can adapt your slippers to your favorite shades or match them with you bedroom.

Do you want to try yourself as a designer? Do you have and idea to make someone specail to you happy? Let your imagination run free and create a completely unique pair of slippers! 

Sobni copati: popolno darilo za različne priložnosti

Sobni copati so več kot le običajen kos obutve. So izraz udobja, topline in pozornosti do tistih, ki jih obdarujemo. Ne glede na priložnost, sobni copati so vedno odlična ideja za darilo. Zakaj? Ker nudijo udobje in stil, ki ju lahko vsakdo ceni. Odkrijte, zakaj so sobni copati popolno darilo za različne pomembne trenutke v življenju.

Unikatni sobni copati za mladoporočenca: Poročno presenečenje

The wedding day is one of the most important days in the life of the newlyweds, so it is right to give them something special, something that will reflect their uniqueness and love. Why not consider unique slippers as an original wedding gift? Accept the challenge and design an unforgettable for the newlyweds.

Making unique slippers for a wedding couple

  1. Choose your style: When creating unique slippers, you have complete freedom to choose the style. You can choose from diffrent materials, colours and patterns and adapt them to the taste of the newlyweds.
  2. Personalised message: Add a personal touch by adding a message or the names of the newlyweds to the slippers. This will make the gift even more special.
  3. Include details from their story: Perhaps you can include details that reflect their love story. For example, you can add the dates they first met or a special place that is important to them.

Bachelorette and Bachelor party

Unique house slippers are also a great idea for bachelorette and bachelor parties. You can choose the same pair of slippers for all attendees and customise them with a message to mark this special event. This will be an original gift and a great way for everyone to remember this unforgettable moment.

A suprise for the newlyweds

When the newlyweds receive their unique slippers, you can suprise them by hiding them under the bed or in another secret place  in their new home. When they will discover this surprising gift it will leave  them smiling and remembering this special day.

Slippers designed especially for newlyweds are an original and sentimental gift that will emphasise their love uniqueness. Unique slippers are both a pracitcal and an emotional gift that the newlyweds will cherish forever.

Darilo za rojstni dan

A birthday is a time for pampering and slippers are a great way to pamper the birthday person with total comfort. Give them a sense of luxury with a pair of luxury slippers that will make every step even more special. Personalised slippers are a gift will be cherished and used with hearth.

Anniversary or Golden Jubilee gift: If you are giving slippers as an anniversary or Golden Jubilee gift, you can add an appropriate number or date on them to mark an important anniversary.

Gift for a boy or girl: Unique slippers are a great idea for both boys and girls. You can choose a style that suits their preferences and suprise  them with slippers that are practical, stylish and personalised with your message.

Vselitveno darilo

Moving  into a new house or apartment is an important milestone in the life of an individual, a young couple or a family. On such an important moment, we want to give  a gift  that will highlight their new chapter and provide them with comfort and warmth in their home. Why not consider unique slippers as an ideal housewarming gift? Practical and beautiful. These slippers will surely be in everyday use.

Comfort and style in new home

Unique house slippers are a practical  and emotional gift that will help a young couple or family  feel comfortable and welcome in their new home. The slippers will provide a warm and soft feelimg as they step around their new home.

Joy upon moving in

Unique slippers are a gift that will provide warmth and comfort to a young couple or family in their new home. It is a symbol of their beginning together and a friendly message of welcome that will accompany them through their new life chapter.

Darilo za materinski in očetovski dan

Mother's and Father's Day are occasions when we want to express our gratitude and love to our parents for all their dedication and care. Why not give your  parents a gift ordinary slippers.

They are a symbol of the comfort, warmth and love we feel for our parents. When we give them unique house slippers, we give them both comfort and a carefully selected gift that will reflect our affection..

Comfort and love in one

House slippers are more than just ordinary slippers. They are symbol of the comfort, warmth and love we feel for our parents. When we give them unique slippers, we give them both comfort and acarefully selected gift that will reflect our affection.

Personalised Message

When choosing house slippers for parents, you have the option to personalise them. Add a special message, their names or a special date that means a lot to you. This will make the git even more special and personal.

House slippers for mom

House slippers for mom are an excellent choice, as they allow her a moment of relaxation and comfort after her long and busy day. You can choose beautiful and stylish slippers that will express your grtitude towards her. Create a completely unique combination of her favourite colours and motifs.

House slippers for dad

House slippers for dad are also great choice. Give him a feeling of luxury and comfort as he relaxes after a busy day. You can choose between stronger and more classic styles to suit his taste.

House slippers are the gift that will make your parent's day and show them how special they are in your life. They will feel your and care with every step in their new slippers. It's a gift that's sure to touch hearts on Mother's or Father's Day.

Darilo ob zaključku šolskega in vrtčevskega leta

At the end of the school year, it is important to express our gratitude to the teachers and nursery teachers, who have devoted their time and effort to the education of our children. House slippers are a wonderful gift that combines practicality, comfort and recognition for their dedication and work.

Comfort and relaxation for teachers and nursery teachers

Teachers and nursery teachers spend long hours in classrooms and playrooms, so house slippers are a great choice to allow them to relax and unwind comfortably after a busy day. The slippers are soft, warm and comfortable, which helps them regain their energy.


When choosing house slippers for teachers and nursery teachers, you can add a personal touch. Personalise them with a thank you note, name or even a design they like. This will make the gift even more special and personal.

Express gratitude and appreciation

House slippers are a way to expressyou gratitude to teachers and nursery teachers for their hard work and dedication to children. A gift will express you appreciation and recognition  for their impact on your children's education and development.

A gift that keeps good memories

House slippers will remain a lasting memory of the end of the school year and cooperation with your teachers and nursery teachers. With every step in their new slippers, they will think of precious moments in the classroom or the playroom.

House slippers are a gift that will brighten the end o the school year for teachers and nursery teachers and remind them of your appreciation for their work. It's a gift that's sure to put a smile on their faces and show them how  important they are in your children's lives.

Sobni copati Vučko - Božično darilo za vse generacije

Ob prazničnih trenutkih, kot so Božič, Novo leto ali Velika noč, lahko sobni copati dodajo praznično vzdušje. Izberite copate z ustreznimi prazničnimi vzorci in barvami, da bo vaša praznična darila še posebej pristna.

Ne glede na priložnost, sobni copati so darilo, ki bo vedno toplo sprejeto. Privoščite svojim najdražjim udobje in stil z izbiro kakovostnih sobnih copatov, ki bodo polepšali njihove posebne trenutke.

The holidays are a time of joy, love and bonding between families and friends. Why not make your loved ones happy with unique festive house slippers? This gift combines comfort, warmth and the festive atmosphere that we all love.

Festive atmosphere  at your feet

Festive house slippers are more than just ordinary slippers. They are a symbol of the festive atmosphere  and warm moments in the family circle. When we put them on, we feel the magic of the holidays, regardless of age.

A special festive message

You can add a personal touch when choosing holiday house slippers. Personalise them with a festive message, pattern, or even  the recipient's name. This will make the gift even more special and personal.

Christmas slippers for the whole family

Whether you're gifting children, parents, grandparents or friends, festive house slippers will delight all generations. You can choose from a variety of styles and patterns to suit everyvone's tastes.

Festive house slippers are a gift that will bring laughter, comfort and a festive atmosphere to the home of your loved ones. This is a gift that will remain a lasting memory of the joy o the holidays and you carefully chosen attention. A gift that will impress all generations.

Other terms and conditions

Other terms and conditions for custom-made slippers via the online platform of the Creator (hereinafther referred to as configurator).

Colour variations 
Colours on the Creator may differ from the actual final product. Different display colours differently. A minimal colour variation in considered acceptable and does not constitute a product defect.

Graphics size
The size and layout  of the graphics may differ slightly from the display on the conigurator. We try to match as much as possible, but we cannot guarantee complete equality.

Cancellation and order changes
The customer can change or cancel the order within the first 24 hours after the order has been placed. After this time, changes to the order can only be made by agreement with the company Vučko d.o.o. and may include additional charges.

Cancellation of the order is only possible within the first 24 hours after the orer has been placed. After this time, cancellations are no longer possible due to the adjusted manufacturing process.

Returns and claims
Returns or claims are only possbile in case of manufacturing defect or product damage. The customer must check the product and notify of any problems within 48 hours.

Intellectual property
All content created with the configurator remains the intellectual property of Vučko d.o.o. Customers may not reproduce or distribute this content without permission.

Changes to Terms 
The company Vučko d.o.o. reserves the right to change the terms of business without prior notice. Changes will be posted on the website.

Privacy protection 
Customer data is used exclusively for order processing and will not be shared with third parties. More information is available in the privacy policy on the website. 

The right to cancel an order
The company Vučko d.o.o. reserves the right to cancel the order in the followimg cases:
- If the production of slippers within the required period is not possible due to unexpected circumstances or force majeure.
- If there is a lack of necessary materials for making the order.
- If the order is not feasible for other objective reasons.
In case of cancellation of the order, customers will be notified immediately, and the funds paid will be returned in full.

All purchasses through our website are also subject  to the General Terms and Conditions. For questions or help please contact us at