Frequently asked questions

Did you have a question while browsing the website to which you do not know the answer? Team Vučko chose the most frequent ones and answered them.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs are calculated in the basket and are cleary visible at the end of the purchase and written down when placing the order. The cost of delivery depends on the dimensions of the shipment of ordered goods, the weight of the shipment and the choice of payment method or delivery service. The cost includes both shipping and packaging cots. VAT is included in the delivery price.

Can I pay by pre invoice?

If you want to pay by pre invoice, select payment by prre invoice and we will send you  the transfer details in the return email. We will send the package once the transfer has reached our bank account.

What if there are complications during and after delivery?

In case of any problems, you can always contact our e-mail address and together we will try to solve the problem and arrange for the package to be delivered to you ass soon as possible.

If there are any problems after the package has been delivered, a photo (of a damaged package, product with a defect, etc.) is also very helpful, and don't forget to attach a short description.

For help with delivery, they are also available at Pošta Slovenije or GLS Slovenija.

Can I pick up the slippers in person?

At Vučko d.o.o. it is considered that we have physical sales points and an online store separately. This means that the selection of items may also differ at individual points of sale. Orders placed through the online store do not have  the possibility of personal pickup, but you can visit us at the address Stranska vas, 1295 Ivančna Gorica and choose the most beuatiful ones from our warehouse, which you can also try on.

I have a promo code - where can I enter it?

Enter  the promo code in the shopping cart before confirming the order. Enter a valid promo code in the blank field. By clicking on the “Use coupon” button, the valid value of the promo code will automatically be charged to you.

When entering the promo code, pay attention to the correct spelling of the code and its validity.

What are the shipping costs?

Promotions are not cumulative and thus do not apply to already doscounted items, nor do they apply to gift coupons. You can use an individual promo code only once in an individual online purchase. Promo codes are only valid for the online stroe and are not valid at points of sale.

Can i exchange or return the product?

For returns, excanges or complaints, we accept the from found HERE. Send the form together with the product and invoice to the address Vučko d.o.o., Stranska vas 19, 1295 Ivančna Gorica, where we will process your request.

In case of product return, excange or complaint, you can contact the email address or the phone number +386 1 7878 514.

One of the products I ordered is damaged or missing. What to do?

Although at Vučko we try to avoid  mistakes and check every order several times, sometimes it still happens that a mistake does occur. Even in such a case, we are available to help you at or +386 1 7878 514.

In the case of a claim for damaged goods, you can contact our e-mail address with a photo and a shortdescription. If the complaint is justfied, we will ask you to fill out the return form, which can be found HERE. Send the form together with the damaged product and the invoice to Vučko d.o.o., Stranska vas 19, 1295 Ivančna Gorica. Shipping costs will be reimbursed in the event of a justfied complaint.

We sincerely apolgise for the errors and promise to be even more careful in the future.

We would like to order promotional textiles for the company ...

Of course, in the main menu you have the PROMOTION tab under which you can choose, between promotional slippers or promotional textiles. Each category has a wide selection of items, under which you can find an inquiry form. If you are interested in something, do not hesitate to fill out the form.

How do I choose the right size?

Because we wanted to ease your worries about choosing the right slipper size, we have prepared some tips and a tentative size table for the items in the SIZE selection box, on which you can check which foot lenght usually corresponds to which slippers number and model.

Do you have a store where we can try on the slippers?

Youi can try  the slippers on at our sales points across Slovenia. You can check where our sales points are currently located in Slovenija on the homepage of the website unter the LOCATIONS category. You can also buy slippers at the published locations.

My favourite product is out of stock! When will it be back in stock?

The Vučko team consists of a group of individuals who, with their skilful hands, participate in the process of creating slippers. We appreciate  the whole team and try to always orders, we also run out of these stocks, but don't worry, we will join forces and make  sute that the slippers will be back  in stock soon.

Current stock are visible on our website, so you can always see which products and numbers are currently available.

I ordered slippers, but the number does not fit me. Now what?

To cgange your number, fill out the form HERE. Send the from together with the product and invoice to the address Vučko d.o.o., Stranska vas 17, 1295 Ivančna Gorica, where we will process your request and arrange the exchange.

In case of changing the size, you can also contact the email address or the phone number +386 1 7878 514 for help.

Can we order delivery to the point of sale?

Delivery of your online order to our locations or points of sale is unforunately not possible. For a purchase made via the online store, you can choose between the delivery methods as specified in the online store and in the General Trms and Conditions. Unfortunately, delivery to the Vučko sales point is not a possible delivery method.