History of Vučko d.o.o.

And the VUČKO COPATI brand was born… Vučko d.o.o. is a family business. Our story goes back to 1983, when the first slippers were created on a sewing machine placed in the kitchen opposite the stove. However, since the location of the sewing machine was really not suitable, we soon put in a room that we calles the workshop. It was joined by another sewing machine, and a chopping machine, etc …

Even the first pair of hard-working hands soon couldn't do all the work alone, so this pair soon got the help of another pair, and then another … This beginning of the decsription is a little fairy-tale, but the continaution of the story with the slippers was serious and thoughtful, nothing fabolous. There were both ups and downs, more of less hard … but fortunately, we always knew and were able to pick ourselves up, make the right decisions and countine our journey.

In 1991, we moved the company headquarters from Škofja Loka to Ivančna Gorica. Due to production needs, we built new business premises in 2000, in 2002 we established a system of sales points in major shopping centres  in Slovenia, the expansion of our activities was supplemented in 2007 by the purchase of embroidery machines.

From the hard-working hands of our seamstress come slippers for people of all ages and both sexes. Every year we add something new to our product range. We try to ensure that the slippers are made of quality materials, attractive colours and patterns. And that we are succesfful in this work is proven by the reactions of our customers and the fact that we have successfully persisted in our work for so many years.

Uspešno poslujemo že 40 let!

Časovnica podjetja Vučko


The vision of the family company Vučko d.o.o. is simple, follow the latest trends in the field of design, development and production of slippers and thus offer customers unique products of top quality at competive prices.

By using the many years of experience gained on the domestic market and with the help of further development, we want to become one of the key providers in foreign (neighbouring) countries as well.


Kvaliteta, raznolikost in estetska dovršenost so vrednote, ki v našem podjetju predstavljajo temelj poslovanja.
Zagotavljamo nova delovna mesta tako v lokalnem kot širšem okolju.
S pomočjo osebnega pristopa in odlične podpore našim kupcem zagotavljamo vrhunsko izkušnjo vse od izbire do nakupa naših izdelkov.


The shared values of all our employees are key to our successful bussines. As a family company with a 40- year tradition, we are proud of values such as reliability, openness to innovation and responsibility, on which we build successfuč business relationship with our customers.


We are proud of the latest technology that we use to make and design our slippers and other products. With active research and a desire for the best technology in the field of printing and embroidery, our processes are always at the highest level.

Quality guarantee

Quality at every step is the fundamental guideline of our company. We quarantee product quality with the help of an experienced team of empoyees, the latest technology in all production departments, and the use of the highest quality, tested materials and components supplied by our loyal partners.


For us, progress means learning. We are always learning now, innovative approaches and introducing new technology. Customer feedback is also, important to us, as it motivates us to always be better.

Razvoj po naročilu

We understand the diverse needs of customers, which is why we enable the design and printing of unique graphics to order from customers, as well as embroidery.

Zmogljivi vezilni stroji omogočajo hitro in kvalitetno izdelavo motivov po naročilu.

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